Alvityl Defenses syrup 240ml

Oral solution that combines 3 ingredients: echinaceas, propolis and vitamin C.

Manufacturer: Alvityl

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SKU: 4208157 Alvityl Defenses syrup 240 ml

Throughout the year, and especially during the winter period, the body is sought, and has to deal with external aggression. The periods of convalescence can be sometimes lengthy and difficult. Children or adults may then need to input to contribute to the immune system of the body.


Alvityl defences is an oral solution with a proprietary formula that combines 3 ingredients, Echinaceas, Propolis and vitamin C:

  • the echinaceas: originating plants of North America used ancestral way by Indians,

  • propolis: substance produced by bees used to sanitize the hive ,

  • vitamin C: mainly contained in fruits and vegetables and necessary re in the body's defenses.

operating tips:

  • children before 6 years: 1 tablespoon measures (5 ml), 2 times per day.

  • children after 6 years: 2 spoons measure (10 ml), 2 times a day.

  • adolescents from 12 years, adult: 3 spoons measure (15 ml), 2 times a day.

do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


A use as part of a balanced diet and a lifestyle healthy. shake the bottle before use. taken 3 weeks recommended. A renew if necessary. A take all season. Do not take more than 8 consecutive weeks. Once opened, refrigerate and consume preferably in months.


Sorbitol, Glucose syrup, glycolic extract of Echinacea Purpurea, glycolic extract of propolis, vitamin: L-ascorbate of calcium, glycolic extract of Echinacea angustifolia, rosehip, aroma: tutti frutti, citric acid, flavour: orange, carrot juice