Allga San Solutions for joint 100ml

Lotion promoting blood circulation to the alpine pine oil, friction and massage to relieve tension and muscle soreness.

Manufacturer: Allga San

SKU: 9844461


A lotion that helps blood circulation for oil massage of alpine pine for external use.

A lotion to the valuable oil Pine Alpine "Allgauer Latschenkieferol", camphor and menthol. A solution to apply friction and massage.

-Relieves muscle pain

-Improves blood circulation

-For rheumatism, vascular devices, minor sports injuries, highly tense muscles, cramps in the legs

-With the incomparable classic scent of the Alpine dwarf pine

-Fight the pain without chemicals

-No side effects

-Tested dermatologically and allergy

-Bottle 100 ml

Thanks to its unique formula based on oil of Pine Alpine dwarf of the Allgäu region, Allga San will bring you an effective response, a natural comfort, and a soothing freshness!