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Alibi Pastilles halitosis box 18

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Difficult to evoke much that widespread, bad breath or halitosis is still a taboo subject that often hides a real suffering. Embarrassing or even annoying for some, it can alter the social and private relations and requires real support that begins with good information: halitosis is not inevitable and is explained in 80% of cases by the proliferation in the mouth of bacteria producing smelly volatile compounds. Its origin is more often oral digestive or pathological, unlike certain received ideas. Specialists in hygiene and oral care, laboratories Pierre Fabre Oral Care provide with ALIBI a new response in support of the halitosis of oral origin, i.e. bad breath: ALIBI lozenges: developed around an association exclusive and complementary of essential oil of parsley and green tea extract. ALIBI controls and sanitizes lasting breath.

Parsley: known since antiquity for its many medicinal applications including in the oral area, parsley was already used by the Romans to hide odors remained too after their excess alcohol. Later, actresses and dancers chewed parsley before enter the scene, to be absolutely sure of their breath. The role of parsley in support of halitosis is widely documented. Rich in phenolic compounds, it traps the sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath. Tea: traditionally used to aid digestion, tea is also interesting for the feeling of freshness that it leaves in the mouth. This effect is explained by the presence of Polyphenolic compounds in antiseptic and deodorizing properties. In summary. the lozenge ALIBI: provides a healthy and fresh breath, capture and absorbs the volatile compounds responsible for bad breath, neutralizes the smelly substances, leaves in the mouth a sensation of pleasant and persistent freshness.

presentation and operating tips:

Alibi is a lozenge without sugar with sweetener, extended release (interest in stimulation of the salivary glands). Suck 4-6 tablets per day, without chewable them.

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