Alepia Savon d'Alep Bay Laurel Oil 40% 190g

Bay laurel oil for your daily cleansing Learn more
Manufacturer: Alepia
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SKU 7910726


For bodily hygiene.


Savon d'Alep is an authentic creation, developed exclusively using vegetable oils.

Bay laurel oil gives it many beneficial properites. The sweetness of olive and the delicately scented laurel come together under the eastern sun to bring about this higly reputed and property rich soap. 


Can be used for daily hygiene (face, body and hair).
Apply to wet skin and rinse.


Saponified olive oil (sodium olivate), saponified bay laurel oil (40% of the total of oil), water (5%), traces of soda from saponification prcoess.

Contains no colouring or preservatives. For bodily hygiene.

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