Akilene Sports TIBIAL 1 pair

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Protection Tibia Hydrogel, ideal for skiers, snowboarders, rollers, etc...

Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta



SKU: 9802244 Akilene Sports TIBIAL 1 pair

for what? -protect the tibia of friction and repeated shock -Soothe the pain caused by the pressure -Avoid blisters and irritation -Improve comfort in shoes and boots who? -Skiers (background, rando, track...), Snowboarders, practicing Skating, Skaters, Bikers... how? - Remove the protective transparent film - Apply TIBIAL on the skin by positioning it next to the tongue of the shoe, pull the sock top. -Do not apply to injury or wound open. effective! -Tibial protects (3mm thick) without gener movements. -Tibial sticks and peels without pain, even in the presence of hairs. -Tibial is reusable and washable (by hand) at 40 C (over 30 times).