Akilene cream Nutri restorative feet dry 75ml

Softens and restores skin elasticity while restoring its physiological pH.
Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta


SKU 9940710 Akilene cream Nutri restorative feet dry 75ml


dry very dry feet, feet with trend hyperkeratosique.
heels, calluses, cracks, roughness.

the original combination Shea butter, vitamin A, glycerin, nourishes, moisturizes and prevents the formation of calluses while accelerating the process of natural regeneration of the skin.

balance naturally specific ph of the skin of the foot through the lipoaminoac wheat.

restores skin flexibility softness and elasticity.

operating tips:

2 applications per day

Massage the foot up to penetration full cream.


synergistic Action of wheat and extract Shea butter or Butyrospermum lipacides - Parkii.

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