AirPlus insoles Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis men 1 pair

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Plantar fasciitis men soles, are designed to relieve foot pain.

Manufacturer: AirPlus Foot Care

SKU: 0675020

AirPlus insoles Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis men 1 pair


AirPlus insoles for arch support offers and relieve pain.

Plantar fasciitis men soles are nylon and specially designed by Airplus for pain of Plantar Fasciitis among men. They have a relief at the level of the Arch of the foot and are composed of gel in the heel, to eliminate the pain.

Reinforced heel for stability and maximum support, Plantar fasciitis insoles provide comfort to relieve aching feet. Their design combining fashion and comfort fits most shoes and all forms of feet.


1 pair, foot pain

Operating tips

Position the base inside the shoe.

Fits most shoes.

These insoles can be rinsed with water.



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T. Elodie
  the 30/03/2016
4/ 5
Un très bon produit pour les soucis de santé que j'ai . M'as permis de soulager pendant la marche