AirPlus insoles Gel Orthotic woman 1 pair

Soles gel orthotic for the sore feet of women who require a support orthotics.
Manufacturer: AirPlus Foot Care


SKU 0675014

AirPlus insoles Gel Orthotic woman 1 pair


AirPlus has specially designed for women a Gel Orthotic insole. This sole with 3/4 provides cushioning and support for painful feet. It is the suitable solution for feet that need support orthotics.

Its lightweight and flexible design allows a perfect in all your shoes fit.

Indeed, this sole consists:

  • gel in the heel and the eminence metatarsal to absorb the shocks at each step,
  • of vents located in the gel to allow comfort,
  • of a curvature at the level of the arch to improve stability.

The results are immediate, your feet are soothed and your steps are less painful. Thus, these soles give you instant comfort.


Soles for women's painful feet. Fits all sizes.

Operating tips:

Place the soles in shoes.

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