AirPlus insoles Extreme Active Gel women 1 pair

insoles women extreme active gel to provide support and stability throughout the day.
Manufacturer: AirPlus Foot Care


SKU 0675015 AirPlus insoles Extreme Active Gel women 1 pair


Laboratory AirPlus Extrme Active Gel insoles are designed specially for women.

Indeed, provide comfort and stability of superior quality throughout the day.

These insoles consist:

  • plaque stability reinforced gel to create a stable base to focus and guide the foot

  • end design that fits comfortably in the shoes and minimalist,

  • of a gel cushion shock located at the heel to reduce pain in the heel and offer an optimal cushioning.

The results are immediate and optimal.

Your feet are soothed throughout the day.


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operating tips

Slide soles in shoes.

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