AGEVIT system ginger immune, 60 softgels

Stimulates your immune
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SKU 4141861 AGEVIT system immune ginger - 60 capsules


Ginger is a plant native to Malaysia and India that belongs to the family of the Zingiberaceae. It is produced and grown in tropical areas and often very sunny. Ginger is known to promote the reistance of the body physically, especially for its antiviral properties. It is rich in gingerols. Gingerol, stimulating and revitalizing, toning properties but also anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious helps booster imminitaire system. He is best known for promoting the resistance of the organism with its ability to maintain immune system.


2 softgels lunch and dinner, or 4 capsules per day. Take with a full glass of water.


Ingredients: Ginger (Zingiber O cinale).

part used: root

average composition for 4 capsules: Ginger 1120 mg

plant of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose original envelope


Capacity: 60 capsules

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