AGEVIT antioxidant onion 60 softgels

The antioxidant capacity of the onion
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Originating in Central Asia, the onion was already cultivated 5,000 years in Egypt, where he was highly prized ago. Grown just about anywhere on the planet, it takes a variety of forms according to climates, soils, the length of the days. Just like garlic, he appreciates for its many virtues including anti-oxidation. Antioxidants are compounds that protect the cells in the body against damage caused by free radicals responsible for the aging process. The Onion is a very important source of quercetin, antioxidant protector very effective. The organization is protected against the attack of free radicals and cellular aging is slowed. "For your health, practice regular physical activity"


2 softgels lunch and dinner, or 4 capsules per day. Take with a full glass of water.


Ingredients: onion (Allium cepa). Part used: bulb

average Composition for 4 capsules: onions 880 mg

plant of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose original envelope


capacity: 60 capsules

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