Advent Pots of Conservation milk mother reusable 5 x 240ml

5 pots advent of Conservation (reusable) 240 ml for 6 months and +. The best solution for keeping and transport food and baby food
Manufacturer: Avent
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SKU 0367181 advent Conservation jars reusable 240 ml 6 months and + 5 jars


Advent Pots of Conservation reusable 240 ml 6 months and + 5 Pots is the solution to store and transport food and food baby everywhere with you.

these pots are airtight to keep a tight seal during transport and storage in safe food.
for more efficiency, pots of conservation are developed to be able to be placed in the refrigerator and in the freezer. It is possible to pass these jars in the microwave, or use them in a warmer.

Practice, pots and lids are stackable for storage easy and simple in your closets.

in addition, the pot is designed so that you can register easily the content description and the date.

directions for use:

Read these instructions carefully before use.


Conservation of food, food.

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