Advent Pots of Conservation milk mother reusable 10 x 180ml

Pot of conservation for safe keeping breast milk.

Manufacturer: Avent

SKU: 0367157 Advent Pots of Conservation milk maternal reusable 10 x 180ml


The advent laboratory has designed for moms reusable indulgence pots for breast milk.

Indeed, these pots are airtight. They possess an anti-leak cover in order to maintain safe breast milk. They are thus perfectly waterproof and ideal for transport.

Pots and lids are stackable for easy storage.

In addition, 2 pump adapters are included.

In addition, these pots can be put in the refrigerator, freezer and be sterilized. They are compatible with the warmer.

How to use advent Pots of Conservation:

Make sure to discard or recycle this product at the first sign of wear.