Advent pads of breastfeeding disposable box 30

Avent breast pads, ultra-thin and comfortable during the day.

Manufacturer: Avent

SKU: 9960894 advent pads of breastfeeding disposable box 30


During lactation milk flow between the feeding may be present. Advent has therefore developed the pads discreet and ultra absorbent for all moms.

The Pads of breastfeeding disposable by day advent are designed to keep you dry and preserve your comfort during the day.

They are:

  • Invisible under clothing: ultra-fine with a wavy shape. Adhesive non-slip to keep the pad in place.
  • Ultra-absorbant: overlay of multiple layers for ultra absorbency. The top layer absorbs moisture in the pad.
  • Soft touch on the skin: they have a soft upper veil and breathable, natural materials. Dermatologically.

Pads are packed individually for a perfect hygiene.

Capacity: 30 pads.


  • Diameter: 12 cm
  • thickness: 4 mm

advent appareance of disposable nursing operating tips:

It is recommended to change and discard pads several times in the day and as often as necessary.