ADVANTHOME Advantix Spray Insecticide for Habitat 250ml

Sray chip anti the Habitat.
Manufacturer: Advantix


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ADVANTHOME Advantix Spray Insecticide for Habitat 250 ml

Invasions of insects in habitats are terribly painful. Get rid of becomes the daily battle. Therefore, help products designed specifically to eliminate the insects that invade houses.


The Advantix laboratory specialises in the elimination of parasites. Known in particular for its shares antipasitaires on the animals, he developed Advanthome chips anti Habitat.

Spray Advanthome anti chip for habitat, with a capacity of 250 ml, is a device to combat these chips in environments of the animal home. It eliminates all the chips in the wooden floors, carpets, niche of the animal... It eliminates all stages of the cycle of the chip: egg, larvae, young fleas and adults.

This spray is used in addition to the animal treatments.

, Its practical use allows effective and easy application.

Advanthome Advantix Spray Insecticide operating tips:

Spray spray at 20 cm from the areas to be treated: sofa, niche, or basket, pillows, blankets, cabinets, baseboards, car seats,... Leave the room after application.

Always test on an area hidden upholstery before applying between 3 and 30 seconds max.

This product to treat up to 70 m2.


Product toxic to the environment, harmful if inhaled, irritating to the skin and flammable.

In the event of prolonged contact, consult a doctor immediately.

Keep out of reach of children and any higher than 50 C heat source.


250 ml aerosol to treat areas of approximately 70 m2.






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