Advanthome Advantix Fogger Indoor Insecticide 150ml

SKU: 4241806


Advanthome eliminates fleas in all cycle stages: eggs, larvae, young fleas and adults, with a remanence greater than 6 months, thanks to its formula with a powerful flea growth inhibitor (IGR) and a 3rd generation insecticide - cyfluthrin. Immediate double action against fleas with the association of 2 molecules: adulticide, larvicide, ovicidal. Residual action for at least 6 months on all crawling insects buried in the floors, carpets, rugs...


Cyfluthrin 0.04 gr., Pyriproxifen, 0.05 gr., Propellant gases (butane/propnae) 45.00 gr., Excipient (including hydrotreated naphtha) QS 100gr.

How to use: 

The first step in preparation for flea fogging is to clean up your house completely forcing the unscrupulous pests out of their hiding place. For this, vacuum your house thoroughly including the carpets, couches, curtains, and your dog’s sleeping furniture and bedding or any area which is frequented by your pet. Remove people and pets from area of treatment. Leave your home for 2 hours, then open your windows for about 30 minutes. Avoid contact with skin and clothing and avoid breathing vapors. Toxic for the environment, irritating for the skin. Keep out of reach of children, and from any source of heat > 50 C.


Flea bomb 150ml, to treat rooms up to 50m2.