Advantage 80 Cats & Rabbits 4kg+ 4 pipettes

Prevention and treatment against fleas for cats and rabbits (4kg+)

Manufacturer: Advantage



SKU: 2103663

Recommended Use:

Apply 1 pipette per month directly to the skin of the animal (not on the fur). Do not wash the animal during the month otherwise the product lose its effectiveness. Guaranteed effect within 48 hours against fleas present on the animal and effective for its environment in several weeks. 


The active ingredient of Advantage is imidacloprid (100mg per 1ml of solution). Imidacloprid is a new generation insecticide which is extremely effective with  zero toxicity for cats and rabbits under normal conditions. Advantage protects the animal for 4 weeks against fleas. Recommended for dogs with allergies to fleas.


Pack of four pipettes.