Advantage 40 cat from 1 to 4 kg-4 pipettes

The the most effective product for dogs and cats sensitive to fleas

Manufacturer: Advantage

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Advantage 40 cat, 1 to 4 kg 4 pipettes


Product presented in blister 4. pipettes 1 pipette per month is applied to the skin of the animal (not hair). Do not wash the animal during the month otherwise the product will be more effective. Effectiveness guaranteed 24-48 h against fleas on the animal and the environment in several weeks. a product of the laboratory BAYER.

The active ingredient of Advantage is imidacloprid, 100 mg per 1 ml of solution. Imidacloprid is an insecticide of new generation, extremely effective with toxicity zero for dogs and cats in the normal conditions of use. Advantage protects the animal for 4 weeks against fleas. Recommended for dogs with allergies to flea.