Aderma Sensifluid micellar water face and eyes 500ml

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SKU: 9699740 Aderma Sensifluid micellar water face and eyes 500 ml

Properties: cleansing micellar Water and cleansing the skin sensitive. Cleans the skin gently, without rinsing. can be used both on the face, eyes and lips. operating tips: Apply with a cotton in the morning and in the evening on the face and the eyes. requires no rinsing. Conservation : keeps 6 months after opening


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M. Sabrina
  the 12/11/2016
5/ 5
Excellent! Have been using daily for more than 10 years on my very sensitive skin and eyes. I've tried less expensive brands over the years but either they make my my eyes sting or my skin end up feeling too tight so I keep coming back to this one!