Aderma Primalba baby water cleanser 500ml

water cleaning Primalba, cleans and respects baby's skin.

Manufacturer: Aderma

SKU: 9717107 Aderma Primalba baby water cleanser 500 ml


A-Derma baby Primalba water cleaning consists of oats by seedlings, a plant active ingredient natural soothing virtues and protective. this water cleans without damaging the delicate baby's skin. It avoids irritations. The skin is cleaned of impurities and dirt, it is ideally protected from external aggressions and hydration is maintained thanks to Glycerin it contains and strengthening the skin hydrolipidic film. this water cleanser is formulated without alcohol and paraben free, with skin pH value for the utmost respect for baby's skin.

Tips for using Aderma Primalba:

Is used to clean the baby soft seat. Can be used on baby's face and body.