Aderma Primalba baby shampoo 150ml milk crust

Shampoo Primalba processes the milk crust and gently cleanses the scalp of baby.

Manufacturer: Aderma

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SKU: 9848281 Aderma shampoo Primalba baby milk 150ml crusts


Shampoo Primalba of Aderma eliminates dander and cleans leather baby smooth cheveulu. Thanks to its assets humectants: the keluamid and the glycero-saccharidic complex, it deals and rid the hair of baby of the Cradle Cap. enriched oats to soothing properties, this shampoo calm redness. Formula hypoallergenic evaluated under dermatological and paediatric control to ensure optimal security

Tips for using Aderma shampoo Primalba crusts of milk:

liberally apply on the scalp dry before the bath, let stand 5 minutes, reapply shampoo, emulsify and rinse scalp. renew the application as often as necessary.