Aderma Primalba baby Gel washing sweetness 500ml

Cleans and softens without SOAP, body and hair

Manufacturer: Aderma



SKU: 9717113 Aderma Primalba baby Gel washing sweetness 500ml

Properties: the Gel washing gently cleans delicately fragile skin and fine hair of baby: its very gentle cleansing SOAP-free base, respects the skin hydrolipidic film and the balance of the leather scalp. formulated Rhealba oat seedlings to the virtues soothing and enriched in lipid substances of natural origin, it leaves skin comfortable and compensates the drying effects of water. its creamy and pleasantly perfumed foam makes the bathroom a true moment of pleasure. operating tips: Take a small amount in the palm of your hand, lather on the body and the baby first hair wet. Rinse carefully. Dry gently without rubbing. Does not sting the eyes. Conservation: keeps 6 months after opening.