Aderma Primalba baby cleansing sweetness 500ml milk

Cleans, soothes and softens without rinsing, face, body and seat
Manufacturer: Aderma


SKU 9717136 Aderma Primalba baby cleansing sweetness 500 ml milk

toilet sweetness Primalba milk gently cleanses baby's delicate skin: it removes dirt without drying the skin.
made from seedlings of oats by soothing virtues and enriched in lipid substances of natural origin
it cleans, soothes and softens the skin.
pleasantly scented velvety texture, it leaves the skin's own baby flexible and comfortable.

operating tips:
A the help of a cotton, apply a dab of lotion on the face, the body or the buttocks of a baby.
requires no rinsing.

keeps 6 months after opening.

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