Aderma Phys-HQ Hydra compensatory 40ml cream

Compensatory cream to soothe and hydrate the skin with acne.

Manufacturer: Aderma

SKU: 5123457 Aderma Phys-HQ Hydra cream compensatory 40ml


Aderma laboratory has developed a new physiological care for skin prone.

Phys-AC Hydra cream compensatory is a treatment with rhealba oat seedlings, specialized for the acne prone weakened by irritating and drying treatment. Indeed, this cream can:

  • to soothe the skin,
  • gently moisturize the skin,

  • to compensate the effects of drying treatment.

Thus, this cream limited excessive flaking and feelings of tightness. In addition, redness are mitigated and irritations are calmed.

The smooth texture of the compensatory cream leaves on the skin a protective satin veil no effect bold nor sticky.

The skin finds all its comfort and softness. It is delicately perfumed.

Tips for using Aderma Phys - AC cream:

Apply the cream morning and/or evening on the whole face previously cleaned with a gel foam as Phys-AC Gel foaming purifying or with micellar as Phys-AC water micellar water.

Makeup can be applied after cream.


The pH of this cream is physiological.