Aderma Hydralba UV cream moisturizing rich 40ml

cream rich Hydralba with UV SPF20 protection for fragile skin.

Manufacturer: Aderma

SKU: 7386178 Aderma Hydralba UV cream moisturizing rich 40ml


Cream moisturizing rich Hydralba UV Aderma laboratories fully hydrate sensitive and delicate skins. It protects the daily climate stress. In addition it contains sunscreen SPF20. Fragile skin are more sensitive to the Sun, with this protection UV skin is thus protected an ageing premature. its creamy texture provides the skin incomparable comfort and flexibility. Its fresh and delicate fragrance brings a final touch to this true moment of pleasure.

Naturally rich in lipids, carbohydrates, trace elements and polyphenols, contained in Aderma hydralba cream moisturizing rhealba oat rich has soothing and anti-irritant, remedial, emollient and moisturizing and anti-free radical properties.

Sips of water essential to their growth, natural Rhealba oat seedlings authentic, original 100%, have the ability to preserve this natural reserve and maintain their hydrated cells in dry conditions.

After observing this phenomenon, Aderma laboratories identified the natural asset of the hydra-protection mechanism: the Rhealbose. This innovative asset proved also be a powerful skin cell protector. With this cream your skin is moisturized sustainably, protected and plumped, it exudes health.

Hydralba UV cream rich operating tips:

Apply rich moisturizing cream morning and/or evening on face and neck perfectly cleaned. Perfect base makeup.