Aderma Exomega milk 400ml

Moisturizing milk for intolerant and atopic, skin the skin finds comfort and softness, the skin barrier is reinforced.

Manufacturer: Aderma

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SKU: 6037263 Aderma Exomega milk 400 ml


Moisturizing effect and lipid-replenishing treatment is sustainable, the skin recovers comfort and softness, the skin barrier is reinforced. It can again play its protective role against external aggressions, thus limiting the penetration of allergens. Reduces drought, calm irritation and strengthens the defences of the skin at the level of the body.

tips to use:

Apply on average 1-2 times a day after the toilet with a suitable product, cream and/or milk on dry areas. During outbreaks, it can be used in addition to steroid therapy only on areas of skin dry but not inflammatory.


Rhealba vitamin B3. oats Polyphenolic extract oil d "evening primrose. Conservative. Compatibility sensitive skin / reactive. Fragrance free.