Aderma Exomega cream Remover 50ml D.E.F.I

restorative Exomega emollient cream challenge for irritated skin. Face and body.
Manufacturer: Aderma


SKU: 5380645 Aderma Exomega cream Remover 50 ml D.E.F.I


Aderma Exomega challenge cream Remover 50 ml is a sterile emollient treatment for Atopic skin, and very dry. formula moisturizes, protects and reduces long-term drought. It calms the reactions of irritation of the skin by a plant active sole and exclusive: Rhealba oat seedlings. Exomega promotes the reconstruction of the skin barrier with the Filaxerine which is a combination of essential fatty acids Omega 6 and inducer filaggrin, and vitamin B3 original asset.

indications Exomega challenge cream Remover 50ml:

Challenge: device exclusive formula intact. This association guarantees care which remains sterile and protected throughout use.

0% paraben, 0%, 0% perfume conservative. Hypoallergenic.

operating tips:

Apply one to two times per day to the irritated area.