Aderma Exomega cream 100ml barrier


SKU: 7815314 Aderma Exomega cream 100 ml barrier

Cream barrier to Rhealba oat extract which calms the irritation. It aims to protect the Atopic skin of desiccants of the baths in seawater or pool and sometimes irritating effects. Not scented, applied before each bath, it partly isolated skin contact with l 'water. Babies. children. adults with atopic skin or a thin, fragile and irritable skin.

tips to use:

Before each bath, apply thin layer the cream on the skin areas to protect the contact water. After the swim ' removing the cream with a mild hygiene without SOAP. Rinse in clear water.


Extract d 'Rhealba OAT. Silicones. Glycerin. Conservative. Fragrance free.