Aderma Exomega cleansing Remover batch of 2 x 500ml oil

Cleansing remover for very dry and atopic skin oil
Manufacturer: Aderma


SKU 7935832 Oil cleansing Remover A-derma Exomega - batch with 2 x 500 ml

The dermo-cosmetic laboratory Pierre Fabre presents A-derma Exomega rhealba oat seedlings. Without SOAP and Paraben, this cleansing emollient face and body oil gently cleanses and soothes your skin. In the seedlings of oats by Exomega moisturizes skin problems, even for infants and children.


A-derma Exomega consists of a vetegal sole and exclusive assets: rhealba oat seedlings. These are anti-irritant and relieve your skin. 100% natural, these young shoots of oats are cultivated according to a Charter of organic farming in the South of the France.

operating tips

Sanareva pharmacists advise you to use this treatment according to the following recommendations:

During your shower, take a DAB of this cleansing oil and massage your skin with small circular movements. Then rinse your skin.

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