Aderma Exomega bath 250ml


SKU: 6002810 Aderma Exomega bath 250 ml


Bath treating Exomega, foaming, washing, is an emollient treatment for Atopic skin and very dry skin. Should its effectiveness to the synergistic association d 'total extract (soothing, anti-irritant) Rhealba OAT and essential fatty acids Omega 6 of vegetable origin, as well as the presence of hydrating agents. It soothes and softens the skin, moisturizes the epidermis and compensates the dryness. The skin regains softness, comfort and flexibility. Body care of atopic, dry skin baby, the child and the adult.

tips to use:

Dilute 2 caps dosers for a bath child. 4 plugs dose for an adult bath in the bath water. Extend the bath for a few minutes. Do not rinse. Dry without rubbing.


Rhealba OAT. Essential fatty acids Omega 6 d "plant origin. Perfume. Conservative.