Aderma Exomega balm Emollient 400ml

To oats by plants, reduced drought and calms irritation. For the face and body
Manufacturer: Aderma
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SKU 9774499 Aderma Exomega balm Emollient 400 ml

Properties: oats by plants: a unique and original 100% natural plant active. After selecting it among more than 80 varieties, our researchers have discovered that oats by is to the maximum of its wealth when she is still a young sprout, called "Seedling". It is at this point that in are extracted specific assets A-DERMA remarkable efficiency and tolerance very good skin. care of atopic skin extremely dry. Restores the skin barrier, reduced dryness, calm the irritation. operating tips: Apply 2 times a day on very dry areas, off-injury Conservation: keeps 6 months after opening