Aderma Dermalibour + Gel foam 125ml

+ Dermalibour is a ultra soft foaming gel for cleansing the skin irritated and damaged.

Manufacturer: Aderma

SKU: 2152429 Aderma Dermalibour + Gel foam 125ml


The gel foam + Dermalibour of laboratories Aderma is a gel intended for vulnerable babies, children and adults, skins prone to skin irritation wet or dry. Ideal if redness, small infection and eczema, this gel contains:

  • an oats by extract which soothes skin.
  • of copper and zinc sulphate that inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • agents humectants that improve skin comfort.
  • a soft cleansing base that cleans without damaging the irritated skin and protects the hydrolipid film.

Paraben, without SOAP and perfume, Aderma Dermalibour + cleans, soothes and purifies, it does dry out the skin. It can be used on mucous membranes.

Dermalibour + foaming Gel Aderma operating tips:

Use this gel foaming during the daily toilet. Wipe the skin gently without rubbing to not irritate and attack the skin.