Aderma Derm Intim pH 8 200 ml

Soothing gel for the toilet intimate. Calm irritated mucous membranes.

Manufacturer: Aderma

SKU: 4828658 Aderma Derm Intim pH 8 200 ml


Derm Intim pH8 is a soothing intimate toilet gel, it calms the irritated mucous membranes. Due to its alkaline pH soft partner to moisturizing and soothing agents (extract of oats Realba , glycine, Glycerine), Derm Intim pH8 toilet Gel soothing is perfectly suited to the intimate toilet external itching and irritation that may be linked to an infectious gynecological episode.

Derm Intim gently cleanses your privacy through its respectful cleansing base of the balance of the mucous membranes.

indications Derm Intim pH8:

8 alkaline pH, this freezing of toilet soothing limit the development of microorganisms, decreasing the acidity of the vaginal environment in which they have a clear tendency to proliferate. so, it restores the balance of intimate flora, essential for healthy mucous membranes.

operating tips:

Is used for external hygiene, as an accompaniment to gynecological treatment. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.