Addax - Zirconal feet - sweating Spray Deodorant 125ml

Feet and shoes, special strong odors
Manufacturer: Addax


SKU 4787356 Addax perspiration Deodorant 125 ml Spray

Overview :
very nice to use this spray easily removes unpleasant smells of feet and shoes. It refreshes instantly feet.
-the Deomix eliminates odours in interposing itself between organic material of sweat and bacteria in the skin.
-triclosan prevents the formation of odor by destroying the bacteria and fungi
-natural lichen extracts regulate the perspiration of the feet and thus contribute to an action deodorant sustainable.
-fresh fragrance leaves a slight and pleasant smell of clean
feet remain dry healthy and without unpleasant smell. Until ' 8 hours of efficacy.
Very practical, this spray is used in all positions, even upside down.

operating tips :
shake well before use. Spray at a distance of 15cm on the soles of the foot and between the toes, or in the shoe, one to two times per day.

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