Addax - Zirconal feet - sweating powder drying 75g


SKU 4787333 Addax sweating powder drying 75 g

Overview :
reduces excessive sweating, neutralizes, odors and protects the skin's bacterial development and fungal.
the presence of assets anti-frottements (talc, wheat starch) and concentration of assets odor (zirconium, aluminium) and antifungal (triclosan) make care particularly suitable for the athletes.
menthol provides upon application a pleasant fresh scent. This powder is effective on all types of sweating including more acids.

operating tips :
First use: dusting the feet and between the toes, 3 nights, on a clean skin and well wiped.
Maintenance: depending on the intensity of perspiration, apply one to two nights a week.
powder the inside of shoes 1-2 times per week.
modulate the frequency of application according to the needs or according to the advice of your pharmacist.

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