Addax - Keraderm - calluses scrub 50ml cream

SKU: 4787391 Addax calluses scrub 50 ml cream

Overview : This 2 in 1 cream standardizes the thickness of the stratum corneum and regulates the excessive formation of roughnesses and calluses. -alpha-hydroxy-acids prepare the skin to increase the effectiveness of the scrub. -sorbaine association (enzyme extracted from papaya) and apricot kernels powder allows the removal of the skin in softness. skin becomes more sweet. operating tips : Apply on the affected area and then massage with hand to smooth the roughness. Use every day on the significant roughnesses and then 1-2 times per week in maintenance. to include the benefits of your scrub the feet long, it is advisable to apply daily care very dry feet moisturizing and Keratoregulateur Addax.