Acygil box of 15 tablets

SKU: 4808443 Acygil box of 15 tablets


Acygil is a dietary supplement based on plant extracts: Cranberry, Hibiscus and dandelion which helps stimulate the functions of urinary elimination of the organism.

Mediflor Acygil operating tips:

  • Take 1 tablet of Acygil per day, with a glass of water, for 15 days to a month.
  • In all cases, prefer a taking a Tablet Acygil evening at sunset and drink plenty throughout the day
  • Do not take with an anticoagulant 


Bulking agent: cellulose, extract of Hibiscus 25.3%, extracts of Cranberry or cranberry (support: maltodextrin) 16.7%, stabilizer: dicalcium orthophosphate, anti-caking agents: salts of fatty acids magnesium, silicon dioxide and fatty acids, coating Agent:  methylcellulose, extract of dandelion (support: maltodextrin) 2.5%, dyes: Red allura AC and titanium dioxide