Activprotect lips SPF10 fragrance 10ml daily Protection cream

Protection daily cream lips SPF 10 fragrance, hydrates, strengthens and protects against external triggers with buttons fevers.
Manufacturer: GSK


SKU 0450128 Activprotect cream daily lip SPF10 (unscented) 10 ml protective


Activprotect lips SPF 10 without perfume 10 ml daily Protection cream is a cream that hydrates, strengthens and protects against the factors external triggers buttons fevers.

this cream for lips is in the form of triple action because it moisturizes, strengthens and protects from external factors that can trigger buttons of fevers like the Sun , wind, and cold.

it contains technology Micro Repair Technology, based on a lipid complex similar to the lipid structure of lips.
Micro Repair Technology is not only on the surface of the lips, but it also helps to restore the hydrolipidic barrier of the lips, which strengthens naturally.

Activprotect daily Protection cream also contains Glycerin. This asset moisturizes and protects your lips from wind and cold. He is also a sunscreen (SPF 10) which protects the lips from the harmful rays of the Sun.

directions for use:

Apply before exposure to the Sun and whenever necessary (up to 6 times per day).


Preventing and treating cold sores.

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