Activpatch button of fever 12 invisible patches

SKU: 6408920 Activpatch button of fever 12 invisible patches

indications: button fever. helps to treat the fever. facilitates healing. helps prevent contagion. ActivPatch helps to reduce the fever blister discreetly throughout its development: the appearance of light sensations of burning and tingling and itching, until its disappearance total. thanks to its ultra thin polyurethane , ActivPatch creates a protected and impervious to water. by isolating the infected area, the patch reduces the risks of contamination by bacteria and spread of the Herpes simplex type 1 virus. micro-aerated structure allows the skin to breathe and facilitates the healing of the button of a fever. with its applicator , ActivPatch is hygienic: it is easily positioned on the skin without touching the button of fever with fingers. operating tips: apply at the onset of light sensations of burning, tingling and itching, until the total disappearance of the button of a fever. for optimal application, use the mirror and the instructions for use accompanying inside the box. Composition : contains 12 invisible patches.