Activox Spray soothing for the throat 30 ml

SKU: 3550033 Arkopharma Activox Spray soothing for the throat


The Spray Activox of Arkopharma laboratories has soothing properties, it contains natural elements that soften the irritated throat and help the body's defenses.

composition of Activox Spray soothing for the throat:

the Activox spray contains:

Of the extract of leaf of thyme

thyme is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-infective, it soothes inflammations.


honey soothes the throat and strengthens the immune system of the body.

Of the extract of Propolis

propolis is a powerful anti-bacterial and strengthens the immune system.

Of luminary Fleurie of Erysimum dry extract

erysimum is an anti-inflammatory that is targeted on Lung mucous and cough. This plant is beneficially on the throat.

Matricaria flowers dry extract

is an antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory that allows to find a soothing comfort to the level of the throat.


for adult: shake the bottle before use and spray twice three times per day.

for the child over 12 years: shake the vial and proceed with two sprays three times a day.


Water-alcohol extract of the leaves of thyme (Thymmus vulgaris).

Sweetener: maltitol, honey, Glycerol, water-alcohol extract of Propolis dry extract of flowering of Erisymum, dry extract of Matricaria flower.

Emulsifier: Polysorbate 80

Acidifier: citric acid