Activox lozenges aroma honey/lemon 24 lozenges

food supplement in the form of lozenges honey and lemon to soften throat.

Manufacturer: Arkopharma



SKU: 6554969 Arkopharma Activox lozenges aroma honey/lemon 24 lozenges


Laboratory Arkopharma offers a food supplement with sweetener for the throat: Activox lozenges.

This food supplement comes in the form of lozenges honey and lemon. These Activox lozenges contain Erysimum and the known effects for their soothing action at the level of the throat.

They thus provide a sensation of pleasant and lasting freshness.

In addition, they are also recommended in case of fatigue of the vocal cords or hoarseness.

Tips for using Arkopharma Activox lozenges honey/lemon:

  • adults: take 4 to 6 tablets per day.

  • children from 6 years: 2-3 tablets per day. Apportion the catch in the day (minimum 2 hours between takes).

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


Product not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

This food supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet.

Keep away from light, heat and moisture.


Erysimum flowering dry aqueous extract, Matricaria extract alcohol dry floral flower

common Excipients: gum, Sorbitol-other excipients (specific to certain forms): citric acid, Alcoolbenzylique, blue patented V, beeswax, Citral, lemon aroma, lemon essence, Eucalyptus essence, Geraniol, Geranyl acetate, Glucose, Levomenthol, Limonene, linalool, maltodextrin, honey flavour, Monopropyleneglycol, Nerol, Orange essence, grapefruit essence, vanillin.