Acniregul Lotion against skin Imperfections 60 ml

Lotion specially designed for oily skin prone.

Manufacturer: Arlor

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SKU: 9693217 Acniregul Lotion against the Imperfections skin 60 ml

Acniregul Lotion against skin Imperfections:


you have imperfections, redness, blackheads on the face, a skin that shines? The natural 100% assets of the Acniregul Lotion, no conservative or allergen, work in synergy in order to correct them.

3 combined actions:

-Effective reduction in sebum secretion.

-Antibacterial activity on propionibacterium acnes.

-Scaling action

For results optimized and sustainable, it is advisable to involve Acniregul food supplement.

operating tips:

after meticulous cleansing, apply a lotion-soaked cotton on the areas to be morning and evening.