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Acardust anti-mite 200ml

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SKU 7147901 Acardust anti-mite 200 ml


Solution acaricide. Elimination of adult mites in house dust: fabrics, carpets, bedding. This complete treatment ANTI-MITE is deep for:

  • elimination of adult mites in house dust: fabrics, carpets, bedding...
  • destruction of eggs and larvae of mites.
  • neutralization of allergenic activity of dead or alive mites.

allows the processing of a piece of 7 to 15 m


Remove sheets, pillowcases to wash at 60 c. use ACARDUST 200 in 2 phases:

  • 1) direct spray: Open the windows. Spray to about 30 cm from the surfaces to be treated, on the 2 sides of the mattress (especially on the nodes and the edges), on the mattress, blankets, upholstery, chairs, rug.
  • 2) auto-run: close the windows. Place the bottle in the center of the room height (on a covered stool with a towel) and trigger automatic turning the ring at bottom.

leave for 3 hours. Then ventilate the room and carefully vacuum to remove dead mites. renew treatment 2 times per year, especially in spring and autumn. it is preferable that the allergic topic does not participate in handling. Do not spray on plastic, wax objects, or glaze.


Esbiol 0.9 g - piperonyl butoxide 7.2 g - qsp 100% Excipient.

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