Abatout Repuls' repellent snake 500ml

Repellent powerful against snakes.

Manufacturer: Abatout

SKU: 4108651

Abatout Repuls' repellent snake 500ml


REPULS' snake is an associated aqueous solution of decanoic acid and geraniol. It presents a repulsive action odoriferous and in contact to protect your homes, playgrounds, swimming pools... REPULS' snake has a progressive action in time: the snake will memorize in a few days the area treated him thus became hostile. Does not kill the reptiles. Without inconvenience to pets.

operating tips:

spray the product using the set to the position wide jet spray gun to draw a continuous band of ten centimetres wide. Achieve this spray over the entire length without interruption around the place to protect. Treat weather dry, apply on the ground directly.


Geraniol, decanoic acid


500 ml spray