Abatout repellent mites 100% natural 100ml

SKU: 4110843 Abatout Insectifuge Acariens 100% Naturel 100ml


Abatout repellent mite prevents the spread by the impossibility for the mites to feed, denaturation of their food causes the termination of the production of allergens, reproduction becomes impossible and the mites disappear quickly. Abatout mite 100% natural insect repellent contains natural active ingredients, 100% original plant, pure, sterile, harmless to human beings and has a persistence up to 12 months.

operating tips:

for mattresses, pillows, chairs, double curtains, stuffed toys,... Vacuum on surfaces before treatment and one month after to remove allergens. Wash the sheets, covers and pillowcases at 60 C. Ventilate the room. Shake the aerosol. Spray Abatout repellent mites at a distance of about 40 cm on the surfaces to be treated. Let dry surfaces and ventilate the room. Renew once a year. This vial can treat 5 m of surface or a mattress from 90 to 100 cm x 200 cm.


Marhousier extract


1 100 ml spray