Abatout lacquer Remover 200ml


SKU 7054743 Abatout lacquer Remover 200 ml


close all issues from local to treat. For persistent protection, briefly spray Abatout repellent on the walls (walls, ceilings, curtains, windows...). For a shock effect spray from the center of the room, in 4 directions (4 to 5 seconds for a volume of 30 m). Recommended for the treatment of mosquito nets, tent. Abatout Remover allows a shock effect and immediate slaughter and persistent action in time thanks to its high remanence.

operating tips:

in shock therapy, close the local issues and spray in the 4 directions for around 4/5 seconds for a piece about 30 m. in treatment for persistent protection, spray the walls (walls, ceilings, curtains, windows...) briefly.


D-trans-tetramethrin, permethrin, piperonyl butoxide, prallethrine.


spray 200 ml