Abatout lacquer Anti-Scolopendres 300ml

Lacquer removing efficiently and sustainably at the centipedes.

Manufacturer: Abatout

SKU: 7837132

Abatout lacquer Anti-Scolopendres 300 ml


with its formulation photostable and concentrated, lacquer Abatout Anti-Scolopendres is specifically designed to destroy these insects, which the bite turns out to be particularly painful, direct spray. Due to its important shock effect, it quickly kills those who were sprayed by the product. Thanks to its very high remanence, Abatout Anti-Scolopendres allows to also treat the places where these insects hide and thus obtain their destruction in time. Recommendations: treat including frames and linings of windows, doors, baseboards.

operating tips:

treat including frames and linings of windows, doors, baseboards...


deltamethrin, D-trans-tetramethrin


spray 300 ml