Abatout lacquer anti-mite maintenance 300ml

Anti-mite and life long gale.

Manufacturer: Abatout

SKU: 7054720 Abatout lacquer anti-mite maintenance 300 ml


this automatic spray aerosol to treat a piece of about 30 m (goes blank in 110 seconds). Abatout anti-mite is active during 8 months.

operating tips:

have the mattress vertically against the bed. Vacuum in the room. Close exits, place the aerosol on a stool in the center of the room, press the diffuser and exit during treatment. Wait 30 minutes before entering the room again. Ventilate the room (if possible wait 2 hours before entering the room and the split. Do not iron the vacuum cleaner before 3 days). we recommend that you treat 2 times per year, in the meantime use Abatout anti-mite "maintenance" (mattress). Active also against the sarcoptes (gales...) for a treatment of parts. read thoroughly the instructions before use.


Tetramethrin 4.59 g/l, permethrin 0.96 g/l, S-Methoprene 0.29 g/l, piperonyl butoxide 22.79 g/l, contains 52645-53-1 permethrin.