Abatout lacquer Anti-Blattes 300ml

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Lacquer anti-blattes odourless to eliminate effectively and lastingly cockroaches.

Manufacturer: Abatout

SKU: 7054795 Abatout lacquer Anti-Blattes 300 ml


Abatout lacquer Anti-Blattes is an odorless lacquer indicated for the treatment of cockroaches infesting the environment or habitat. This odourless and without dichlorvos lacquer allows a healthy habitat without cockroaches 8 months.

Cockroaches are eliminated quickly and efficiently. Indeed, Abatout lacquer Anti-Blattes, by its important shock effect, instantly kills those that were sprayed by the product. The high persistence of this lacquer allows to treat areas of passages and hiding places where roaches breed, and get their destruction in time.

Thanks to this lacquer, your habitat is protected and is more infested with cockroaches.

operating tips:

Shake the aerosol well before any use.

Spray lacquer 20 cm along the baseboards and pipes. Treat also all hiding places: cracks, vents, chutes, bottom of tubs. it is recommended to treat at least 2 times per year. extremely flammable. Store and use away from sources of ignition, heat or sparks.



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