Abatout high and mouse dough fresh 400g

SKU: 9739669 Abatout Anti-Rats et Souris Pte Frache 400g


these doses of water-repellent fresh pasta have an appetite out of the ordinary on rats and mice and allow to obtain excellent results even in places with strong competition for food. The active ingredient is very effective against rodents resistant to traditional anticoagulants. This mix presents a treatment in essential heart to fight effectively against the rats but also against mice. Acts with a delayed effect and not awaken distrust of rodents. They weaken, away from the colony, hide and die in a few days. Active participates in the drying of the rodent and avoids the strong odors of rot. Preferably drop bags doses in accessible only to rodents hideouts. Baiting until the consumption ceases. Handle with gloves to avoid the smell of man. Close the box after each use.

operating tips:

preferably deposit bags doses of Abatout high and mouse accessible hideouts only to rodents. Baiting until the consumption ceases.




40 bags box.